Migrant Schools

Shanghai Daily reports today on the harsh reality of carrying out a government policy to close all migrant schools by 2010 (earlier reports here, here and here).

The underlying aim of the policy is to integrate migrant children into the local public system (by closing some schools and converting others). Ultimately this is a positive development. Migrants  worry, however, about higher fees, social exclusion and a lack of sufficient facilities. The parents in today’s paper claim they are being told to send their kids back to Anhui to be educated. I personally know of one case where parents were willing to pay extra school fees but their kid were nevertheless refused entry into a (good) local school because of lack of Shanghai hukou.

This story is worth following. Shanghai’s ability to educate the vast flow of kids who are pouring in  has enormous consequences  for the city’s future.


Looks like the school closure is not going smoothly

Update 2

Seems that the protests are working

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