The school has begun a new practice of letting us all know what’s for lunch. Unlike in Western-style schools where a carefully printed menu is posted outside the classroom door, however, in our school a table has been set up with Tupperware containers, each displaying the raw ingredients of the daily meal.

This has been going on for less than a week, but already, on two separate occasions, I had trouble deciphering the dishes.

First, I was stumped by a tiny breast and wing, too small for a chicken. It was only when Max informed me it was 鸽子 (gezi) that I figured out it was pigeon.

Today there was the slithering creature pictured above. I was assured that it wasn’t snake (not that I would’ve minded). “It’s like a snake,” one father told me, “but it lives in the sea.” I guess it’s eel.

I asked Max how it was but his answer left me puzzled.
“It wasn’t moving, it wasn’t doing anything,” he said in a disappointed tone, “it was so lazy… it was dead.”

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